Rise Song Review: A New Era for Extreme

Seth Chaffee, Entertainment Editor

Are you someone who prefers modern pop music over classic rock music? If you have ever found yourself listening to classic rock radio, you have most likely heard the song “More than Words” by the band, Extreme. A classic acoustic ballad that to this day, remains the biggest hit for this hard rock band. Now, after fifteen years, Extreme is releasing a new album with a new mega-hit single, “Rise.”

The song was released on March 1st and received over one million views in only a couple of weeks. Fans were not disappointed with what the band had to offer. As a casual fan of the band, I’d be lying if I said the song didn’t make me want to listen to their entire catalog, making me an even bigger fan.

The song conveys growth in the band while also staying true to their roots. With that said, even after thirty years, the band has never felt more united even for one song. For a modern rock song, it sounds so fresh and the production is so powerful. For 61 years old, Gary Cherone’s voice has never sounded better. In my opinion, the rhythm section carries the groove throughout its entirety. But the one who really makes this song as special as it is the guitarist, Nuno Bettencourt.

Nuno’s creativity as a guitarist shines throughout the song even from the main riff. Its simplicity makes it that special. When you get to the middle of the song, you get Nuno’s guitar solo which solidifies Nuno’s genius and the impact his talent has had on the music community.

That is because the solo has Eddie Van Halen all over it. While absolutely shredding, he is also able to simultaneously produce something melodic and rhythmic. The solo is very structured and is something that Nuno put a lot of thought into.

This is something that Eddie Van Halen would often do with his playing, and it is the reason why Extreme’s new song is such a powerful tribute to the person who many would consider the greatest and most innovative guitarist of all time.
Although Nuno truly shines in the song, he doesn’t overshadow the rest of the band. It is amazing that Extreme is able to create music that is not only representative of the band but is something that can introduce younger generations not only to their music but also to the rock genre in general.

Their new album “Six” will be released on June 9th and I’m sure that it will deliver on the versatility of Extreme, as well as pay tribute to one of the greatest bands of our time, Van Halen.