Scream 6 – Movie Review

Seth Chaffee, Entertainment Editor

“What’s your favorite scary movie?” The classic line that revitalized the horror genre with Scream returns with its sixth installment.

Regardless of how I or anyone else feels about this new movie, the fact that the franchise continues to give us entertaining movies to watch even after twenty-five years is an honor. For me, this was a very flawed film that also did enough right to be entertaining.

I was hoping for more risks to be taken, and clever writing that doesn’t give us what we’ve already seen. But nonetheless, this is a well-lit and directed movie. The cinematography is the best I’ve seen out of any of the other films and the suspense is lifted to another level. In the first film, the scariest moments were the phone calls with Ghostface and not knowing when he was about to strike. But in Scream 6, the most intense moments are with Ghostface on screen.

With that said, the actual gore is emphasized more than in any other Scream film which, in the sixth movie, is worth it. It gives creative kills that catch you off guard since it isn’t what you’d expect in these types of films.

These types of suspenseful moments are what made my two hours worth the watch; however, there is a running character arc that Mellisa Barrera’s character, Sam, has to face with Billy Loomis being her father. She fights her internal demons with who she is as well as this picture that society has of her. She is held responsible for the murders in the previous film, and yet, this was only a plot hole as there is plenty of evidence to prove this to be untrue.

What truly ruined this film for me was the entire third act. In any film, the conclusion is what makes your story complete, and unfortunately here, the last twenty minutes felt nothing less than anti-climactic.
​The film builds up to an ending that ideally ties all of the other films together. The final reveal wasn’t interesting or believable. When the motivation behind the killer isn’t intriguing, people like myself can feel more disappointed when the film is watched multiple viewings.

There are too many moments that try to be serious but end up being laughable. The audience’s suspension of disbelief is also utilized to an extensive amount when characters that should be dead come back to life repeatedly.

Overall, I’d give Scream 6 a 6.5 out of 10. When considering the issues, as well as its strengths, it doesn’t fail to be entertaining and makes me want to watch it again to decide if I lean more on the positive or negative side. If you are a fan of murder mysteries, slashers, or the Scream franchise, you will most likely enjoy watching this film because it does bring you on a crazy, unpredictable, ride.