M3GAN Film Review

Seth Chaffee, Entertainment Editor

The new film, M3GAN, has broken box office records by making over 30 million dollars on opening weekend. But is it worth the hype?
M3GAN has been praised by both audiences and critics, but at the same time, it is still raising discussions. While the trailer did interest me, it wasn’t a film that I expected to excite me. And I was right.

After a six-year girl, Cady loses her parents in a car accident, she is raised by her aunt, Gemma, who gives her a new companion to cope with her recent tragedy. Cady and her robot friend, M3GAN, form an attachment that brings them closer but brings Cady away from reality. Meanwhile, M3GAN’s compassion quickly turns to violence when murders take place.

There isn’t much I can say that I truly loved (or hated) about this movie. It was a bland movie that as bad as certain parts were, you couldn’t help but be entertained. With that said, it was an enjoyable watch. But unfortunately, it is also forgetful and there isn’t much to praise.

I was a bit indifferent after watching it, but a couple of days later, after thinking about it, I liked it less because of how generic it is. For starters, the acting was weak and the dialogue was poorly written. I was also a bit underwhelmed by Allyson Williams’ character. I was expecting a lot more from her since she is a great actress, as shown in films like Get Out, but she just lacked enthusiasm and never thought logically throughout the movie. Other characters are even more forgetful as they don’t add much to the plot and aren’t interesting.

I thought M3GAN herself was a flaw, which hurts because she is the star of the movie. She is an interesting character and is someone you want to follow. But at the same time, the logic never made sense in terms of why she acts the way she does.

When she is first introduced, she is brought home to Cady which makes no sense as to how that is actually allowed since Gemma (Allyson Williams) literally created artificial life and it isn’t being protected somewhere safe. The fact that M3GAN started to kill in the first place was never explained which took away from the experience. The ending itself was messy and a little anticlimactic.

So, while I didn’t have the biggest excitement for M3GAN, I didn’t expect it to be as disappointing as it was. As I was watching, I felt like I was watching Child’s Play, and so I wasn’t seeing anything I haven’t seen before.

On my first watch, I’d give this a 6/10. But now, it would be a 5/10. Although I can watch this film and be entertained, I can’t see myself watching it ever again. I would recommend M3GAN if you want something mindless to watch with a friend or as background noise.