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Seniors versus Juniors Flag Football Game

Overflowing with Energy

Excitement was palpable in the air at the Seniors versus Juniors Flag Football Game on September 28th. Both sides were overflowing with energy from the beginning, setting the tone for the night ahead. The Seniors were led with a rallying cry by Davis Nelson, who gathered them all into a circle and shouted out their resolution to win into the night air.

As the game commenced, both teams seemed not only to be competing in the game of flag football but in which team could have the greatest amount of team spirit. Amidst the backdrop of the game, the Senior cheerleaders performed some impressive tricks, including a human pyramid, a human basketball hoop, a duck-duck-goose game, and various stunts involving throwing and catching each other.

At the end of the first quarter, the score was 0-0. Even as it began to get darker, neither team’s spirits were dampened. The first poin  ts were scored by Kylie Ray who got a touchdown in the second quarter. However, things became tense for the seniors when the Juniors scored a touchdown as the clock expired in the second quarter which tied the score.

During the halftime show, the cheerleaders showed that all of their hard work had paid off. They drew many bursts of laughter and cheers from the audience, starting with “I’m Just Ken” from the new Barbie movie and continuing with pop classics such as ABBA’s “Dancing Queen”, and ending with Halloween classics for the time of year: “Monster Mash” and “Thriller.” So great was their performance, that the winner of the 50-50 raffle donated the money back to Chaug “due to the excellent cheerleaders.”

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After the halftime show, a wave of determination seemed to take over the seniors. It was as if they collectively agreed that they were not going to let the Juniors steal the glory of their first and last Minnechaug Flag Football Game.

Mr. Hale was the referee, but the seniors were leaving nothing to chance. They brought their own security team, fully outfitted with jackets and sunglasses. During the fourth quarter, they even chased someone all the way across the field and into the street beyond.

After another touchdown and a two-point conversion in the fourth quarter, the total score was 20-6. The Seniors seemed ecstatic at their win and they shared the same mutual enthusiasm that they had had at the beginning of the game and throughout the process. Those who had stood out on the field and the sidelines were rewarded. The Most Valuable Cheerleader (MVC) was Aiden Simpkiss, the Junior’s Most Valuable Player was Lily Barcomb, and the Senior’s Most Valuable Player was Kylie Ray.

Since the game, the results have been taking social media by storm. Across many Minnechaug Instagram accounts, a video of the highlights of the evening has been shared. This will be a valuable tool for remembering the evening in the years to come. Overall, due to their many hours of practice, the Class of 2024 and the Class of 2025 successfully carried on a favorite Minnechaug tradition.

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