Sam’s Weather Report

Sam Ey, Weather Reporter

Weather Forecast for the Week

This week will be a rainy spring week, with Monday and Friday being the only sunny days of the week. Warm weather will continue to stay, Thursday being the pick of the week for temperatures, near 70. With Thursday being this warm, we may have a potential threat of severe weather during the evening hours.

What’s Going on in the Weather World?

Another deadly tornado outbreak has struck the Central US, with 60+ tornadoes reported on Friday. At least 26 are dead in Iowa, Arkansas, and Tennessee. On Saturday, severe weather moved east toward Pennsylvania and New Jersey. A strong tornado struck portions of Delaware, killing one, and a tornado in New Jersey with no reported casualties. Here in Western Mass, a rare thunderstorm with dangerous cloud-to-ground bolts was the show. I happened to be on the road when the lightning show began, it was exciting and terrifying.