Students Surf Social Media Wave in Upcoming Communications Class

This Spring, Juniors and Seniors Will Have a Chance to Study Social Media in New Class


Emily Carlson will be one of ‘Chaug’s English teachers offering students a class on Social Media next semester.

Ava Connors, Author

Have you ever wondered how influencers become influencers? How do they open their social media accounts to millions of likes, shares, and comments a day? If these questions interest you, then Minnechaug has a new upcoming class that will be perfect for you.

Introducing the new Social Media and Communication class; the idea came from the English department.

“This was not just one person’s idea; it was more of a group effort.” English teacher Emily Carlson says. “But I really wanted this class to happen.” 

Carlson, who owns a blog about Disney World (called We Do Disney Right) that currently has a following of 15.5k on Instagram, knows what it takes to be a great storyteller and influencer. 

As such, she is the perfect teacher to come to when you want to learn about social media and how to grab the readers and viewers attention.

In this class, students will be able to showcase all of their English and technology skills. They will also learn about what makes someone a great writer – specifically a great influencer. This class will be focusing on explorations, influencers, and how to be a good storyteller.

This class will be available to juniors and seniors in the 2022 spring semester. However, this class does not yet identify as a fine or applied art. 

“This is an extra fun class and we are trying it out this coming year to see how it goes,” Carlson said. As of now, she will be the only one teaching the class.  

“You will examine good and bad influencers and try and figure out through their writing and posts on why they are a good storyteller and what makes them stand out,” Carlson explained.

Students will also further educate themselves about different social media apps, the internet, and how to use the internet safely. 

Since this class is still a work in progress, Carlson said she is not yet sure of different aspects of this class. Deborah Sacon, the English Department chairwoman, agrees. She added, though, that students will emerge with strong communication skills, an overall understanding of how mass media operates, and the ability to think critically about media messaging and cultural influences.

If this class gets a lot of interest, there is a possibility that it will be offered annually and multiple teachers will teach it. However, if this class does not get a lot of interest, it might be offered every other year and alternate with another class. 

The class will also expand outside of the walls of the school building. Students will have the opportunity to collaborate with local businesses to help them with social media promotions. Students will also do Instagram takeovers and try to boost their own platforms. This class will also focus on bloggers and YouTubers.

Carlson mentions that she is very excited to offer students this class option because they will be able to have fun while learning.

“Technology is such a big part of our current world and this class will be geared towards that,” she said.