Teacher’s Blog hits 15k followers

English teacher helps people manage Disney trips


Emily Carlson’s blog, “We Do Disney Right,” gives fun advice on how people can plan a trip to Disney World.

Jaiana Hall, Author

When Emily Carlson was a child, her family called themselves the “Disney Family”. Then, Carlson, who teaches English Language Arts at Minnechaug, met her husband who also grew up with a family obsessed with Disney. With such Disney knowledge at her fingertips, she realized there was only one thing to do: start a Disney blog.

“Everything doesn’t just happen overnight, you have to be patient and be mindful of what you put out there,” she said about learning how to be a social media influencer.

Carlson started her blog in January 2020, before the pandemic. She already has over 15 thousand followers.

Writing about Disney is not a chore for Carlson. She has been a Disney lover ever since her family first took her.  She wanted others to experience her joy–and to help people plan their trip while saving money.

Her blog, “We Do Disney Right,” now has 656 posts on Instagram and she still posts daily, including videos with tips and tricks on doing Disney. 

She posts about different restaurants. She gives reviews on food and drinks. She does comedic posts to entertain her audience and get them interested in sticking around on her blog.

Carlson’s best advice for anyone who wants to start a blog is that you need to be patient and know that even one thing you put out there could help somebody. “Even if it helps one person or inspires one person, then you’ve done your job and you should be proud,” Carlson said.

 Sometimes it is difficult for her not to get caught up in the amount of likes or followers she has, but she said you shouldn’t worry about it because it doesn’t matter. 

“You have to enjoy it,” Carlson says. “It doesn’t matter how many people follow you because there’s always going to be people out there that find you helpful.” 

One thing Carlson really enjoyed about being a popular blogger was she got to go to Disney before it reopened. After closing because of the pandemic, several bloggers were invited to go before the public to show people it was safe. Carlson was one of them. 

At the blogger event, Carlson met a teacher from Kentucky through Instagram with a family of her own who loved Disney and they became really good friends.  Carlson really enjoys meeting new people from all around the world and hopes to meet more.

“I want my readers to be able to learn something from my blog and benefit in some way from it,” she says. “Helping people is my main thing that keeps me going, I just want to help.”