Editor Says Goodbye

Margaret Szpakowski, Editor in Chief

Dear Smoke Signal Readers,

I have worked on this paper for four years. During that time, I’ve watched our staff grow and shrink and grow again. I’ve handed out papers in the hallways and I’ve posted articles online. Although difficult sometimes, it has been an amazing journey and I have learned so much.

I’ve asked many of you to join the paper at one time or another. I will say this one more time: join the Smoke Signal. I learned how to be a leader from this club. I’m amazed at how much we’ve been able to do together, and I know that you will be an excellent addition to the team. 

Now that my contractual duty to promote the paper is through, I’d like to take some space to recognize this year’s staff, starting with our seniors.

Sophia: You’ve been with me since the beginning, and you’ve stayed until the end. Thank you for doing this wild adventure with me. I definitely could not handle our social media, so kudos to you for doing all of that on your own. I’m so excited to see what you make at Emerson.

Morgan: You’ve been so good for the paper that I wish we’d had you all along. You’ve done a great job of bringing politics into the paper in a good way because it’s definitely important to address. The “Dear America” idea was one of the best things we’ve done in the paper in my whole time here, and it’s because of you.

Nick: You also should have been a member of this paper the whole time, but thank you for finally giving in and joining. Your taste in music is excellent—thanks for letting me steal it.  

There was a while last year where I was worried the Smoke Signal would end because of a lack of underclass people, but they really came through this year.

Aby: Your video and podcast ideas will take the Smoke Signal to the next level. As much as I complain about adults being tech-incompetent, you’re only three years younger than me and you know so much more. You’re going to go far.

Lilli: Your writing skills have come so far. I enjoyed working on the freshman club piece with you early in the year and then seeing you branch out on your own. I can’t imagine what you’re going to do in three more years. 

The Claires: Both of you have done great work this year despite busy schedules. I hope you’ll be able to stay on the paper next year.

Mary: I learned so much about folklore from reading your piece. Someone needs to know music now that Nick’s graduating, and I’m happy to say that you’ve got that covered.

Molly: I know nothing about sports. Thank you for making it so that I didn’t have to learn.

There have also been several members of the paper who have joined and then had to leave due to other commitments. While I’m not going to recognize them individually, I would like to give a collective “thank you” to all of these people—they know you they are. Thank you for taking some time out of your busy life for the newspaper.

Thank you to Mr. O’Connor for guiding us as a paper. I’ve learned so much from you and I will take that with me for my future writing.

Finally, I saved one special member for last: Quinn, who will be following in my footsteps as the next Editor in Chief. You’re one of the best writers I know, and you care so much about the world. I know that you will bring some of that care to the paper and help us succeed. I trust you with my legacy. I’d wish you good luck, but you don’t need it.

Now that the paper’s online, I plan to check in when I have time next year. I’m sure I will be impressed by what I see.

Thank you for reading,

Margaret Szpakowski