Senior Wills

If your Will is not included, please email [email protected]. Thanks!

I, Nyiah Barrows, am leaving Ms. Nelson all my art projects I don’t want to bring home.


I, Alexa Barber, leave Maddie Duperre coach and rides in Shirley. I leave Elly crispy chicken sandwiches from burger king and the game of darts. I leave Jeffrey Duperre my best friend….


I, Gaby Bartolomei, leave a license to Jake Barlow, strong arms and lots of complaining at chaug ball practices to Lylah Jeanotte, the mental stability to finish high school to Emma Pszeniczny, and students who know lots of fun facts to Mr. Steiner.


I, Maddie Belemjian, leave Avery Izzo, Lilli Ramos, and Lexi Stone outside mid, Katie Slattery and Issie Lopes steve level positivity, and Maddy Murphy a clock with military time.


I, Emily Birtwell, leave the rice’s girls snow everyday to get out early, Alyssa Russell endless chicken nuggets at 11 pm and bathroom talks, the girl’s cross country team only fountain park runs, and Michael Valentine our sushi dinner dates,, and small twists with cherry dip.


I, Grace Caltabiano, leave Rusty to Rose Caltabiano and my heart to Chaug field hockey.


I, Kayla Catellier, leave, for Marissa Parent, the everlasting thought that you cannot get rid of me even after I graduate, but! Also all of my swag. For Gracen Moriarty, I leave, Bees. They will be delivered soon.  Bee prepared. But to you both I also give you the strength to complete High School because ooh boy you are gonna need it.


I, Sarah Champagne, leave Alex L, Marcy K, and Claire R with poles and early morning block sets. I also leave Alex L with my parka, Gabby M with the dunkin refresher, Claire with timer pics, and Marcy with my spray bottle. Lastly, I leave all of my high school memories to all the amazing people I have had them with and the advice to live every moment and not wish time away because it goes by so fast. 


I, Jing Chen, am leaving Maeve Coville Mr. D’s 3 legged dog along with a sliver of my popcorn chicken bowl.


I, John Chen, am leaving this high school. 


I, Leah Cooney, leave Alyssa Russell my brother’s heart and Ben Cooney aux, the elantra, and Alyssa Russells number.


I, Grace Coopee, leave Kaelin Cerasuelo car rides to school and a new Spotify playlist. I leave (girl) Tgarv the whole chaug tennis team. I leave Addie Fitzgerald hpac dance & biz markie. And I leave Camryn Baroni my taste and smell. 


I, Sara Coughlin, am leaving behind many tardies. Interruptions and window charades to Mrs. O’Sullivan, I leave Kevin Tessicini tenor saxophone schemes, and Allison Clifford with high hopes for her musical future and talent. I leave Josh Parent with his superstar future, fist pumps and late Christmas gift. I leave Sean Holden fruit snacks at lunch from my account, rides, embarrassing pictures and notes left on the car, just like I said I would. 


I, Emma Delamarter, leave laughing throughout band classes to Molly Olsen. I leave car rides and the aux cord to Issie Lopes. I leave my entire store of Bio Freeze to Abby Hotaling for all of her injuries. I leave blasting One Direction in the car to Katie Slattery. I leave the official best section leader award to Allison Clifford. I leave sour patch kids and Anatomy conversations to Ashleigh Barrett. And lastly, I leave my fantastic chauffeuring and amazing playlists to Kayleigh Delamarter.


I, Ani Diefenderfer, leave Taylor Garvey chaug tennis, Lauri, and the captain legacy, Josh Kozub password access to Chaug senior assassin, Isaiah Kozub my Madden skills, James Jolicoeur the infamous sweater, Annmarie Prairie an on-time pickup, and Finner Hicklen the neighborhood.


I, Carly DeGray, leave Abby Dean my swim team parka and the ability to make it through countless block sets, Juliette Goulet my parking spot and all of my Christmas Show folders that are covered in stickers, and my brother that is an incoming freshman, Jason DeGray, the best of luck in high school. I know you guys will all kill your next years of school.


I, Angelo DeGuglielmo, want to leave this to Giuseppe DeGuglielmo… A toothbrush.

I want to leave this to every underclassman at Minnechaug… A legacy that you can do and be whatever you want… A teacher or a test does NOT determine your intelligence. THE ENEMY OF GREATNESS IS AVERAGENESS. Never be okay with average. 


I, Dan Ducey, leave the minnechaug ski team to Steve Putnam 


I, Ryan Eplite, leave Minnechaug Wrestling team and my team captain spot, and I leave my best wishes to the Minnechaug Wrestling team. I leave the team a better person and a better wrestler for College Wrestling and beyond.


I, Jaime Fisher, leave my afternoon spots in the library and the window seat in the sun to whoever is eternally at school and the future to all who are brave enough to live it. 


I, Hannah Fopp, leave my spot as a base to Bridget Reilly, and my love of chaug cheer and the team to the junior girls!!


I, Chelsea Foulis, leave my younger brother my legacy of being the class clown and my front row spot in the parking lot. I leave Megan Youmell another western mass title for our vball team <3


I, Madison Fox, am leaving Aubrey Welch the Longmeadow girls hockey program.


I, Cabielyn Gagnon, leave just the memory of me, off to college.


I, Thomas Garvey, am leaving the #22 to whoever wants it on the football team. 


I, Zoe George, leave Alyssa Russell being able to get to school on time without katie, and the camp rock aux, and I leave Morgan Leary the passenger seat in tiff. 


I, Cameron Gilrein, leave my mixtape. Here’s my sample, “Hah Pack in the mail, it’s gone (Uh) She like how I smell, cologne (Yeah) I just signed a deal, I’m on Yeah, yeah”

I, Anthony Grasso, leave my basketball jersey number 2 to my younger cousin Joey Grasso.

I, Anthony Grossi, leave my physical being.


I, Gianna Guidi, leave Gabby Amato photography with Mr. Garron. Bridget Reilly, Mia Scatolini, Casey Botass, Emma Pszeniczny, and Peyton Stiles Chaug Cheer. Soph Crooks my spot as a flyer. Kyla Desmarais my bathroom trips at lunch. Amy Dunklee all the trips to get ice cream and listening to country music, and Nick Guidi my parking spot.


I, Sydney Harrison, leave Aubrey Welch Chaug Lax & Super 7, Bianca Baby Greg & all my love, Ferg an Honorable Mention, Kylie Ray center Mid, Livi Crooks some goals, Reighan Demers a ride, Maeve McConnell a crown, James Jolicoeur a ping-pong partner, Josh Kozub the #2 legacy, Isaiah better management and Ryan McConell an invitation. 


I, Tim Jodoin, will be leaving my varsity baseball spot to Derek Grout, and leaving my cooking talent and the preschool playground to Werf who taught me everything I know. 


I, Sandra Joseph, leave Dina Demico a framed picture of myself and Jing Chen. I leave Ms. Rice my love. I leave Mr. Nickerson all the nickels in my possession.


I, Jacob Keller, here leave Ms. Reidy and the entire band community my many thanks for such an incredible four years of band.


I, Kendall Kessler, am leaving my HMA2 notes for Mr. Lab’s class.


I, Olivia Knode, leave my soul.


I, Joelle Kovarik,  leave Maeve McConnell nail glue, Ella Henry signs that show left from right, Aubrey Welch a dvd of spy kids, Ben Cooney a relationship with Alyssa, Kate O’connor a sub, Kaelin Cerasuolo my whole heart, Jake Motyl Zoes Moon Stomper 4000’s.


I, Jonah Kozub, leave my number 29 in football to James Ma, leave the Rav4 to Josh Kozub, leave a fist bump to Amir Ardolino, and leave the responsibility of waking everyone up in the morning to Isaiah Kozub.


I, Dominique LaBranche, leave Maeve McConnell and Lilly Kane the rest of my lunch money. I leave Mrs. Magee a party sized bag of M & M’s.  I leave Sammy Moore in charge of the neighborhood. I leave them all, all of my love. 


I, Ryan Leary, leave Morgan Leary my presence, Giuseppe Deguglielmo a new bath robe, and Gavin Rigney unlimited fifa packs.


I, Ryan Lee, leave my brother Gavin Lee the honor of analyzing film in Lit and Film as well as making graphic designs in Graphics. Good luck and enjoy your time here and wherever else life takes you!


I, Aelan Lisowski, leave Sawyer Lisowski the dishes after dinner. Anna O’Keefe lunch on the floor at districts. The Rices girls rain on their closing shifts and endless dish boys. Maddie McGrath a tuna melt on white bread. And Mary Woytowicz my parka and mental stability during swim season. 


I, Jill Mawaka, am leaving everything at Minnechaug. I’m starting a new life from scratch. Peace out.


I, Amelia Mazzuca, leave to Bridget Reily my parking spot and our little car rides, to Sean Holden i leave model congress, to my cheer team i leave my position #chaugcheer4L, to my brother dom i leave my school lunch balance #yourewelcome


I, Shea McNaughton, leave Ryan Pedersen.


I, Tommy Murdoch, leave to Dom Mazzuca my precious #57 for the rest of his life. I leave Luke Whalen Sylver my footwork. And I leave Josh Kozub my one leg sleeve.


I, McKenzie Murphy, leave Chaug field hockey to Baby Kaelin Cerasuolo, I leave glading and the junior captain legacy to Jada Rosario, Audrey Streeter & Steve Putnam, I pass down the 3 sport dynasty to Kate O’Connor, I leave the last of the lacrosse trio to Aubrey “Carmen” Welch, I leave the alto cave to Emma Pszeniczny, and I leave the 4Runner, PlusPortals, and taking care of Harry to Sean Murphy. 


I, Cassidy Mylonakis, leave bags of lettuce for Ms. Bischof to feed her Russian tortoise. She will also be receiving my Netflix free trial. I leave comfortable chairs for Dr. Trebbe to put throughout the IRC. I leave a free, all expenses paid movie ticket to Ms. Hellyar, so she can watch “Being Earnest” on the big screen. Lunchie is included. Finally, to all the teachers that helped me on my Minnechaug journey, I leave my Kahoot premium account. Even out of virtual learning, it will save your upcoming classrooms from the ever dangerous disease of senioritis.


I, Chloe Nitri, leave Alyssa Russell and Morgan Leary, endless drives through bright nights for Santa, sprite tropics, ALL the love in my heart, and everything else except Panera boy. To Demico I leave endless hugs for being the best and most supportive and me to babysit. 

I, McKenna Patterson leave Maddie Patterson rides everywhere and caramel ice coffees, and I leave Taylor Garvey CHAUG TENNIS.

I, Marielle Pastore, leave Kaelin Cerasulo a license and plane ticket to Baton Rouge. Aubrey (Carmen) Welch new friends. Chaug Fhock my legacy and Jenkins someone new to yell at for attitude. Ella Henry the field hockey goal and fastest timed mile. Kate O’Connor my starting defense spot and super 7 title. Taylor Garvey field hockey captain and chaug fhock. I leave Ava Korzec a hug. Meave McConnell new acrylic nails. Josh Kozub and James Jolicoeur underclassmen friends to bother.

I, Tim Person, leave behind everything to Jada Rosario you’re truly the only one i’ll miss. have fun getting out of the parking lot though. bye!

I, Hope Pettenengill, am leaving Izzy Fergus an Epipen to eat as much Peanut Butter as she wants, and of course Margarita Pizza. Maeve Coville all the love in my heart. Mrs. Zanetti the nickname of Julius. Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. Cofone a day off because of all the hard work they put in. Mrs. Raffaele all the love I have left to give. Demico and Jenkins, a lifting competition. Mrs. Webber, an easier math quiz and the best outfits I’ve ever seen. Mr. Sad my whole heart. 

I, Jenna Petrie,  leave Jeffrey Duperre zero aux privileges unless it’s 80s hard rock…. I leave Maddie Duperre my Mexican heritage. I leave Dylan Rief my sisterhood foreva. I leave Elliott Humphries imaginary Maryland trips (and my boyfriend’s sister…).

I, Chelsea Ramos, leave my parking space and the best of luck to Kayleigh Delamarter.

I, Sophia Ramos, here leave the drama club to any theatre kid willing to join it. I leave Minnechaug the suggestion to change its name to “Hampden-Wilbraham Regional High School” (trust me it’s a good name). I leave the stressful, tear-inducing, late-night assignments to no one because no one deserves that kind of fate. Finally, I leave the Smoke Signal Instagram to whomever decides to pick up that responsibility. Stay golden, Chaug.

I, Bella Rita, leave the drivers seat to my sister, the lacrosse books to Janiah Cameron, the woodtech saw to Casey Bottass and endless rides to Starbucks to Lexi Stone and Reighan Demers.

I, Jaclin Robinson, leave all my gold stars to Mr. Sadakierski. I leave the next ATI presidents the challenge to beat our record and Mr. Dalessio, a lemon vitamin water. I leave the best gym playlist to Mr. Arnett and Mr. Orzech. Rachele, I leave you my knowledge of Pre-Calc and Matt, a final wave goodbye in the hallway. Thanks for the memories chaug, you will all be missed 🙁

I, Joe Robinson, am leaving Minnechaug.


I, Luke Ross, am leaving my soccer #4 to Nikolas Supczak if he wants it.


I, Katie Russell, leave my sister Alyssa and Morgan Leary my clothes, drives in Tiff, and tickets to MGK. I leave Izzy Fergus Chaug Soccer and Lilly Ramos the Turkey Award. I leave Ben Cooney my sister’s heart and Petzold with $20. 


I, Erik Saarela, leave Jake Thomas and Nico Alves the boys volleyball team and forgiveness for all of the gas money they owe me, Steve Putnam my ridiculous skiing ability, and Jonah Rost the second in command spot of the trumpet section.


I, Simon Serra, leave the volleyball team to Jake Thomas, Nico Alves, and Todd.


I, Carlie Simpkiss, am leaving. #swag 


I, Ava Sirois, leave Allison Clifford ALL the practice rooms to cry in, my internship, and of course, Baz. To Cassie Toth, what’s left of the music library, and talks with Doe. To Julia Long, the cello section. To Ava Barton, the honor of truly being Ava #1. To Abby Hotaling, mental stability… you’re gonna need it. And to Chaug Music, I leave all my love.


I, Maggie Skorka, am leaving my parking spot and good outfits to Catie Skorka, & Rices runs after school, and morning songs to Andrew Gulluni.


I, Margaret Szpakowski, leave the Minnechaug Smoke Signal to the very capable Quinn Suomala. To its current and future staff, I leave the new website and pizza-fueled late nights.  To the Model Congress team, I leave enough points of order to finally beat SABIS. I leave the Lang-Szpakowski Survivor legacy to Andrew Szpakowski, Andrew Lang, William Szpakowski, and Christie Lang. Finally, I leave APUSH to the luckiest rising sophomores and juniors. Enjoy DBQs, the fountain, knowing way too much about two very specific topics from the semester projects, volleyball clips, and most of all, The Final Countdown.


I, Amelia St. John, am leaving my little brother Will my parking spot. 


I, Tatiana Steed-Cox, leave a message to the incoming freshman “don’t stress about classes, be prepared, pay attention, follow directions, and most importantly have fun”. 

I, Trijal Thakkar, leave Lauren Beaudin the Eboard Secretary to President pipeline, Ms. McCarthy a peaceful Student Activities, the new Eboard a Zoom link and a Gold Council of Excellence Award, and the Student Council my heart. To Mr. Petzold, I leave the countdown before rocket launches, to Mrs. Magee a new art camp counselor, and to Steiner my exploding fish and an endless amount of announcement forms. 

I, Brandon Tragakis, leave  my football #58 to whoever wants it. 


I Caleb Vreeland leave Josh Kozub the #2 football jersey, Aidan Vreeland the “Vree” nickname (with great power comes great responsibility), Isaiah Kozub all my snacks, James Jolicoeur the rest of my flow, and Jeremy Diehl his rock slinging certification


I, Georgia Webster, leave my parking spot to Grace Webster and the practice rooms to Ellah Magee.


I, Kayla White, leave Cam Baroni a better playlist and a brand new car, Ben Cooney a wedding ring, Alyssa Russell an uber, Marino better style and a new favorite, and my whole entire heart to Ms.Rice.  


I, Katlyn Wolcott, leave Maddie McGrath my parking spot and our xc runs.


I, Joe Zebian, leave hitting group #4 to Luke Dunklee and Derek Grout, my classic rock playlist to Mr. Arnett and Mr. Orzech, being a PE leader to Kate O’Connor, and aux at practice to Mike Nordstrom.