More Students Moving to In-Person Learning

Lilli DiGrande, Contributor

Minnechaug has started the process to bring more students into school for learning. Remote learning has been a huge aspect of education at Minnechaug since the return to school last year. Recently, there has been a push nation-wide for more students to participate in in-person learning four days a week. 

A few weeks ago, Principal Hale sent out an email survey with the option for parents to sign their child up for Cohort C so the student could soon have an option to participate in learning in person four days a week. 

The process for choosing which students was complicated and time-consuming. Assistant principal Mrs. Smith explained the process for choosing students and how many more students the building could fit while complying with the safety protocols and capacity limits. 

“We got about 150 families that expressed interest,” Mrs. Smith said. Safety guidelines and classroom capacity limits were set over the summer. At Minnechaug there is a 12 student max for regular classrooms and about a 16 student max for the science labs. “If I can’t fit [a student] then [they] can Zoom in from the IRC,” Mrs. Smith added. 

After the capacities are considered, she examines the reasons for each student who wants to join Cohort C. “The first students we need to consider are our most struggling students.”

From there, she goes through a variety of issues that could impact a student’s at-home learning. After the priorities have been taken care of, they account for the students who just prefer more in-school learning. “Seniors are the next group to consider, then the grades down from there.” Mrs. Smith explains. 

The process was long and complicated, but the administration at Minnechaug is working their hardest to bring students back into school while not exceeding capacity or COVID guidelines. 

“Our goal is to see kids here. This is where you need to be. The more empty seats we can fill the better. We miss everybody terribly.”