Class of 2020 Wills!

(If your Will is not included below, please email it to Mr. O’Connor at [email protected] and he will upload)

I, Darien Alexander, leave Dakota (Duck) Ducey what remains of my mental stability because he’s gonna need it. Amelia St. John the honor of achieving “homie” status, the highest honor I can bestow. Maddie Belemjiam, the strength to finish out the one last year of high school. And Sawyer, Simon, Eric, and Dan the power to get epic arm veins.

 I, Carolynne Avery, leave Gianna Hickson, Abby Donahue and Ducky the table, Carly DeGray my parka, Chaug Swim with the interns,  and Minnechaug with the Avery Legacy.

I, Paige Baker, leave Maeve Coville chicken bowls, Peter Wurszt my race car, Morgan Kowal the Ford Taurus legacy, Dom Terzi a girlfriend, Brooke Baker my P.J, Mari Pastorie a bus buddy for lacrosse, Syd Harrison unlimited wop and scheme sessions .

I, Lauren Barry, leave Adrianna Daigle morning car rides in the red wagon and the #13 jersey, Megan Youmell Coach Tay’s fig bars, Emily Howard the perfection drill, Anissa Velez daily hugs, Aubrey Welch the #11 jersey, Sydney Harrison the pass back weave drill. I also leave Kayla White my horrible music taste, Alyssa Penna our lovely bathroom trips and Chaug Voll, Chaug Ball, and Chaug Lax trips to Western Mass and all my love. 

I, Julia Britton, leave Adrianna the Britton legacy at Chaug and hopefully a car to drive to school instead of the bus, Joey countless FaceTime calls and lots of love:’), Abby a bright future for MASC and a pass to show those belbows, Olivia E, Norah D, and Juliette G. the student council torch, Daigle all of my love, Emma P. a wonderful next year for WMASC and the perseverance to complete the Camerata experience, Trijal a smooth sailing and historical next year for E-Board:), Tim P. my whole entire heart and go! go! go! go!

I, Gavin Connors, leave my humor and heart to anyone who needs it.

I, Grace Crochiere, leave Mari Pastore Chaug field hockey, I leave McKenzie Murphy number 13 and the 3 sport dynasty, I leave Joelle Kovarik rants and rides everywhere, I leave Regan Donahue, Mia Scatolini, and Audrey Streeter a ride to school, I leave Hope Pettingill the lacrosse net, I leave Dan Ducey the ski team and new coaches.

I, Victoria Davenport, leave my brother Joseph Davenport my punctuality and procrastination (because I don’t need procrastination  in college). I leave my window sill to the next group of friends who will realize its better to sit instead of walking in the morning.  Also I leave my confidence to the next student who needs it most, you got this.

I, Belle Ferrera, leave Addie Fitzergarld all of the tomato wraps, I leave Cam Baroni Mr. Baroni, and Kayla White Marino’s “guidance”. 

I, Iain Ferreira, leave Cat the last of the Ferreira’s, Jack P and Denny the soccer teams great success, and Ava the future of chaug running.

I​​​​​, Ray Fitzgerald, leave​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Addie Fitzgerald the olds mobile, Caleb Vreeland a farewell kiss, Shaw McNauton my athletic prowess.

I, Olivia Foley, leave Marcy Kuimega my parka. I Leave Gianna Hickson Western Mass warm Down pool and the fish scarf, I leave Abby Donahue Mayahe mayaho. I leave chaug swim the interns.

I, Olivia Grout, leave Sarah Champagne my parka, Gianna, Mackenzie, Kendall, Maggie, and Jill the Hotel Fairmont and Canes, Lucca Zhigalin Chaug Water, Regan Donohue and Kate Kosiorek the Beachcomber, and Derek Grout my car and amazing parking spot.

I, Ethan Grycel, leave the responsibility that the Battle of the Bands remains a thing to Jacob Evans and all other musicians. I also leave a friendly reminder to try not to take things for granted (because things can change very quickly as we’ve seen) to everyone at Chaug. 

I, Mack Hicklen, leave my apprentice Caleb Vreeland ground balls, Jonah and Josh Kozub directions to St. A’s, Dillon Moriarty my backhanded knocks, Mr. Newell endless movie discussions, Mr. Netkovick my alternative rock playlist, and to Finn I leave my Rec Ball dynasty.   

I, Chapin Jeannotte, leave Chaug Soc a Western Mass championship trophy, Emily Howard and Syd Harrison baby greg, Asbestos, and all my love, and Jing Li Chen endless hugs and all my mandarin shifts.

I, Sumer King, leave Emily Podworski my senior spot on the track team and Tyler. To Joey Hackett my StuCo children and a prom “date”. To Mr. Netkovick Top Gun, and the Red Sox. To Ms. McCarthy all the tea, Gingy, and Harper. To B/F1 PE Bon Jovi, and Strawberry Pop Tarts. To Jackie Ngyuen brownie biddle. And to Tyler King $14, late mornings, and most importantly the King Legacy.

I, Mikayla Langlois, leave all reminiscence of rhombi to Mr. Garron of the Art Department.

I, Maya Latour, leave Student Activities to Trijal Thakkar, MASC and SJC to Abby Donahue, treasurer’s reports to Jaime Fisher, a Gold Council of Excellence Award to the new EBoard,  the swim table to Gianna Hickson, my parking spot to Lucca Zhigalin, 5SOS concerts to Addie Fitzgerald, handshakes to Emma Pszeniczny, rubber turtles to Livie Elliot and Sean Holden, a Middleboro hockey jersey to Lexi Stone, and a quiet classroom to Netkovick and Petzold.

I, Tatum Legere, leave Sage Legere all the car rides in the world and the advice to have fun and make the most of High School…it goes by faster than you think. I leave Marino all the guidance and thanks for all four years and I leave Chaug Sof all the friendships, laughs and success for the future.

I, Alexandra Linarez, leave behind my unused Hallway Locker, Locker #1260, to the chosen incoming freshman. May it serve you as much as it has served me over the years. To all my AP students, I leave behind a “resource” you should become very familiar with: Quizlet. Trust me when I say, it holds all of the answers. Lastly, to the incoming Seniors, I leave behind advice: Make the most of your senior year. Enjoy every moment and leave knowing you did everything you wanted to do and more.

I, Joe Manning, leave to Colin Hebb a new basketball to replace the one we lost at Spec Pond and proceeded to come out of the woods with poison ivy.

I, Julia Mastrio, leave Chaug Lax and Brennan to Carmen and Syd Harrison. I leave Jenkins’ drills and explanations to Mari Pastore, Kaelin Cerasuolo and Joelle Kovarik. To Maggie Petruzelli, I leave Ella Henry and everything that comes with her. I leave AP Capstone and its joys to McKenzie Murphy, I leave Bella Rita a blind handoff and getting loose. And lastly I leave all my “hello”s in the hallway to Josh Kozub.

I, Daniel MacGregor, leave DMO and Reese, the revival of Moes trips. To Ang I leave a new coin purse. Marzi I leave you all my coding knowledge and swag. Katie and Chloe I  leave you Dunkin and my red car. I leave Brett P a bag of chips. For Owen Comeau a water bottle. Tommy Murdoch gets nothing. Timmy J, I leave you the putting contest and a slice of pizza.

 I, Matt Neugebauer, leave High School, finally! 

I, Jasmine Nieves, leave yoga mats and sun salutations to Krystianna Strange, Body Blades to Claire Robinson, and his own parka to Lucca Zhigalin.

I, Julia Noel, leave the girls volleyball team movie nights, bus rides, and another Western Mass; Megan Youmell, Adriana Daigle, and Chelsea Foulis the front row, Kayla White, Cam Baroni and Regan Donohue many more laughs, Ava Sirois the Cello Section; Jake Thomas and Simon Serra an insane junior season, Aubrey Welch all my love, girls lacrosse beating Meadow, and Mikey Moe, Zac Conrad, and David Noel getting to school on time.

I, Conor O’Brien, leave Moira O’Brien the Lesbaru, and I leave Grace Caltabiano Village Store Cinnamon Buns.

I, Gabriella Ofcarcik, leave Jason Ofcarcik a new ankle and I leave Emily Howard Chaug ball. 

I, Kasi Ray, leave no rides and cafeteria cookies to Kylie Ray, lunches in the IRC to all AP students, and my whole heart to Mrs. Strickland.

I, Annina Rettura, leave my courage to the incoming freshmen to help them overcome their fears for starting high school. I leave my compassion to the juniors becoming seniors so that they can help guide the underclassmen to be the best versions of themselves. To the teachers, I leave patience so that they can help all the students get through a post-Covid educational experience successfully. Lastly, I leave luck to everyone for their futures! 

I, Katie Rettura, leave all the great memories of high school to the lovely people I have spent it with. As well I leave, wholeheartedly, the advice to treasure your high school years, if you are thinking you won’t miss it, you will. Reach out to your teachers and let them know you appreciate them. Lastly, get involved in clubs and sports, it will make school seem so much more fun.

I, Hannah Ross, leave Trijal Thakkar the Chaug Stuco legacy, Ms. McCarthy a clean office, Kyler Ittner a new nanny, and Luke Ross a year full of peace and quiet 

I, Rhiann Ryan, leave fire aux, crispy chicken ranch snack wraps, and managing the best soccer team to Hope Pettengill, endless rides and a scavenger hunt win to Katie Russell, Juliana Chiarella, and Izzy Fergus, and Cali to JingLi Chen.

I, Katie Shea, leave Nundi, Poiny, & fullfields to Girls Chaug Soccer. Kibbe Road, cheese rollups, & ghosts to Hope Pettengill. Painting tables, “Hello I’m” name tag, & watermelon italian ice to Faith Pettengill. The turkey award, Tacobell, & a scavenger hunt win to Katie Russell. Center mid and candy to Izzy Fergus. A scavenger hunt win to Julianna Chiarella. The portable goal and a lawn mower to Lilli Ramos. The Big Jim to Emmy Howard.

I, Nicholas Smith, leave my pride and joy, the wrap I got every day, to whoever may want it. Just know I got it every day for four years straight, so when you do order it, call it “The wrap pact wrap” The lunch ladies know what you mean.  Also hi Austin have a great year buddy! Also, there was always an oreo in the elevator?!? Like why?? Yours truly, Nicholas Smith

I, Autumn Strange, leave Adrianna Daigle the volleyball team to take care of and win Western Mass and States. I also leave Juliette Moore my jersey for basketball so she can try and replace me on varsity but it will be tough because I am hard to replace.  

I, Michael Talaia, leave my golf skills to Isaiah Kozub, the flip call to Josh Kozub, and the job of being the fun football captain to Jonah Kozub. I leave my football #44 to whoever would like to have it. I leave my three point shot to Jason Ofcarcik and corner skills to Jimmy.

I, Sam VanZandt , leave Maggie Petruzzelli, Jill Mawaka and Kendall Garvey 5 rounds and pain of the 400 set, Maeve McConnell “little girl”, Drew VanZandt athletic abilities, and the rest of chaug swimming the 250 block set.