Dear America: We Need to Do Better

Izabella Arroyo

Dear America,

We all can agree that 2020 was a mess. A lot of your problems have emerged from water and are now exposed to the public eye, whether it be social injustice or climate change. As a whole, we all saw the nitty gritty of these things. As Americans we need to stick together and unite rather than parting ways and arguing over human rights. 

Chaos all started with the wrongful death of George Floyd. This man’s death woke you up and made everyone realize what was actually going on in the system. People were angry and wanted justice for George Floyd. A little after his death, protests had begun in Minneapolis where George Floyd resided. The four officers that were involved were fired, but the people wanted more than just that. The people wanted more attention on police brutality as a whole. The people in Minneapolis got out of control, angry, and started riots. A few days later you had realized what was going on, that racial injustice still occurred. 

Another huge problem that we still fight with is climate change. We need to protect our home. During quarantine, 17 percent of emissions dropped all around the world. Although that is good, that doesn’t mean that we are free from climate change. We still need to be aware of climate change and where and how we get out energy from, what we eat, and even the kind of cars we drive. A common problem is that Americans litter all the time. In fact 75 percent of people in the last five years admit to littering. Tons of that litter get into the ocean and then we have to worry about picking it all up. America, we need to do better. 

America, we need you to step up for what is right, for basic human rights. We need you to stick together because we can not afford to have you fall apart. During this time, we need to pull it together. We need to unite.