Dear America: We Have Failed You

Emma Lemek

Dear America,

As a nation, we have failed you. 

“One nation. Under God. Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.” 

Many of us pledge those words every morning. What do those words mean anymore? It seems as though we are no longer “One nation.” There became a point in this country where we did become divisible.

As most people in America know, protests have been taking place since the summer. These protests are to exemplify the racial discrimination in our country. It has become out of hand. The color of your skin does not define you, but your actions do. If you do something wrong, hold yourself accountable. If you accomplish something great, hold yourself accountable.  If you are more qualified for something than another person, you should get that opportunity. If we lived in a world where your actions and qualifications defined you in the eyes of authority, instead of the color of your skin, things would be extremely different in our country. 

Another form of discrimination has risen to the surface following personal beliefs. It is true, political parties have never seen eye-to-eye; it’s the reason we have them. Recently, we’ve reached a point where having differences has become wrong. 

How have we strayed so far from that simple rule to treat others the way you want to be treated? 

People in this country have been fighting for equality since May. One extreme is weighted more than the other, but essentially they have the same idea. 

In this country we are fighting for equality, correct? If that is the case, why are we holding double standards? I consider myself Republican and most people that I know who consider themselves such, are much less vocal about their opinions than Democrats. Why? Is it because they are the minority nowadays? 

In my experience, once a person finds out you have a different viewpoint than them, something changes. Immediately, you can see the judgement in their faces and hear their passive aggressive remarks. Why is it okay for Democrats to discriminate against Republicans for having their beliefs? If you are going to fight for equality, you can’t only fight in one arena. 

We are taught from grade school that we must respect each other’s opinions whether you agree or not. When did change? 


Emma Lemek