Dear America: Let’s calm down and take a big breath together

Olivia Terzi

Dear America,

Twenty- four hours ago a group of people walked into the Capitol building and stopped a very old and traditional process that we’ve seen since the start of our democracy. There was one killed and some injured because they couldn’t remain peaceful like the other 90% of protesters outside those doors. A president, soon to be former, who can’t handle a loss that fairly came his way. A president so glued to that one social media outlet that it ruined the good things he had done for this country. What happened yesterday was unnecessary and preventable. Police were outnumbered and were told not to engage. Now that this has happened where will we go? That same question was being asked over the summer whilst there were cities burning and looted. There’s talk of the 25th amendment being used. More impeachment articles are being drafted even though Trump has about a week left in office. Why did this have to happen? Now there is a shadow cast on an entire political party because of a president who told people to fight a “rigged election” that was proven to be fair. One bad apple spoils the whole bunch and now Republicans will be looked down upon for many years to come. I hope our country will become more normal once the transition of power has been made. And to the Republicans that were a part of this event, you deserve whatever punishment comes your way. And to the police officers brave enough to actually do something last night, thank you. From here, let’s bring this country up. Let’s calm down and all take a nice big breather. We as a country can get through all of these tough times if we just do what we’re supposed to do and allow our nation’s officials to do their jobs and run our country. Please just stop the senseless acts and think before you act.

Thank you,

Liv Terzi