Dear America: We all need to be on the same side

Sam Sibilia, Contributor

To whom it may concern,

This past year has been one of the toughest and most confusing for us that humanity has seen in a longtime. With that being said a big issue is the division in the country right now. Division from the presidency, BLM, or even the people who refuse to listen to the Covid guidelines, it’s all over and it’s a problem. One problem we face with this is making the country look weak. What’s a country if it’s divided and not a hundred percent together? It not only makes us look weak, but it affects everyone differently. Think about if you’re a young kid growing up right now, you shouldn’t have to worry about going places or what’s happening all over the world. I sure didn’t before Covid, but now all I hear about is politics and all the bad things going on. Kids should be worrying about other things than the division in their country or anything political because we’re too young and dont have all the information that parents or grandparents have but this year especially with the Black Lives Matter protest and a new presidency, I feel more kids than ever are picking sides when they shouldn’t. Another issue with the division is the violence. Violence this year has been, I can’t even put into words how bad it’s been. People are losing their lives because of what side they choose, whether your for the sides all lives matter, black lives matter, or blue lives matter, these three sides have caused a drastic division in our country when it shouldn’t. Nothing other than fighting for this country is worth the life of a human being, especially from which side you support. Also, half the time the people who support one side and bash other people for what they believe are the same people who won’t accept someone taking another side, hypocritical if you ask me. There are many problems this past year but I believe division is  the biggest and most important.

-Sam Sibilia