Ongoing project to get a student representative on the School Committee

Thomas Manning, Correspondent

Would you like to have more representation for the school district than ever before? Well, I can tell you that this possibility might soon become a reality. As of now, a project has been ongoing that, if successful, will allow students to have a seat as a board member on the School Committee. This could be big since students have had limited input on the Committee meetings, save for one student who relays the events of current going ons to the members. With this project, however, students can gain the opportunity to better their school lives not just for them, but for future generations at Minnechaug as well. Right now, a social media campaign has been started to raise support for the idea. If you’re interested, join the Instagram account @HWRSD_Studentreps so that you can stay updated on all the latest information and happenings occurring with the project. Representation is important, even more so in a facility that primes you for life later on after your teenage years and sees what you enjoy doing. If you truly care about your voice and wish to see changes made, support the campaign for allowing students to serve as members for the School Committee. I cannot make any promises as of right now, but I will tell you that me and my colleagues will continue to work for the right to serve on the Committee. Thank you for reading, and please consider your support if you choose so.