Prom Is On!

Morgan Hastain, News Editor

Attention all seniors! First off, I just wanted to personally congratulate you on all of the hard work you have done this past year. Between all of the homework, projects, exams, and the seemingly everlasting battle with “senioritis,” you have managed to make it this far, and I commend you for your efforts. 

Throughout the year, there have been numerous sports events, club meetings, and recitals that have been called off as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite these previous cancellations, events such as prom and graduation are highly anticipated and, as a result, a multitude of senior girls have already purchased dresses. In the midst of all the excitement, there seems to be one question on everyone’s minds. 

Is prom actually happening? 

According to Ms. Drawec, an assistant principal at Minnechaug, as of April 27, the administration has confirmed that prom will be held after graduation on Monday, June 21, at the Log Cabin from 6pm to 11pm. Seniors will be split between two rooms, but they will not be able to move back and forth. No guests from other schools or underclassman will be able to attend, and students must follow the guidelines and protocols given to them.

“The seniors will be split between two rooms, but the students cannot cross over into a room they are not assigned to,” said Drawec. “They must follow the guidelines and protocols that will be communicated at a later date due to changing regulations in the state. We will have more details in the upcoming weeks.”

As expected, many seniors are extremely thankful for the event, as they feel that this is their chance to have somewhat of a normal senior experience. Olivia Knode, a senior at Minnechaug, is excited about the prospect of having prom all together, and wants to have as much fun during her senior year as possible.

“I want to have as many senior experiences as possible,” said Knode.

Despite the pandemic’s impact on the Minnechaug community, we have managed to overcome numerous obstacles to get to this point. It is no secret that this year has taken a toll on all of us, but our ability to unite and achieve what previously felt impossible makes this event that much more special.

“We’ve been through more than most classes and certainly more in recent memory,” said Knode. “We deserve to have this.”