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Chino Hills (2016) vs. Montverde Academy (2020)

Greatest High School Basketball Team of all Time?

In the area of high school basketball, certain teams marked their names into the history books contending for what possibly might be the greatest high school basketball team ever assembled. The 2016 Chino Hills team and the 2020 Montverde Academy team stand as two titans in the sport, each leaving a permanent mark on the courts they played on. As fans and analysts continue to debate, this article aims to dissect the strengths, strategies, and overall legacies of these powerhouse teams.

The 2016 Chino Hills team was a force to be reckoned with. With all three of the Ball brothers (Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo) finally on the same team playing at a high level of competition the team was predicted to be lethal before their first-ever game. The Ball brothers were not alone on the team though they had other high-level players too including future NBA player Onyeka Okongwu. Their up-tempo style of play is what made this team stand out from the rest, characterized by rapid ball movement and deep three-point shooting which left opponents scrambling.

What made this team such a powerhouse was the overall chemistry displayed by the players with it seeming as if they all shared one mind when playing. During the 2015 – 2016 season, Lonzo Ball the eldest of the Ball brothers led the team with his incredible playmaking ability which he has brought with him into his NBA career. With an undefeated record, a state championship, and national recognition, the Chino Hills team was a phenomenon. Chino Hills 2016 not only dominated on the court but also changed the perception of high school basketball. Their success paved the way for future stars like LaMelo Ball to make an impact on the professional stage.

The 2020 Montverde Academy team was legendary no doubt. Coached by the legendary Kevin Boyle, this team featured an assembly of some of the most talented high school players in the nation. Cade Cunningham, Scottie Barnes, and Moses Moody were just a few names that adorned the roster, creating a basketball dream team. Unlike the 2016 Chino Hills team this team was most praised for their talent more than their chemistry.

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This team has some of the most individual talent of all time with Cade Cunningham leading their offense as a 6’7” point guard and with Scottie Barnes having the defense completely under control this team was not one to be reckoned with. The team had much versatility not only with their sheer size but also by the depth of their roster. Montverde Academy 2020 asserted itself as one of the greatest high school teams of all time. The players went on to have successful collegiate and professional careers, solidifying Montverde’s status as a breeding ground for basketball excellence.
The comparison between Chino Hills 2016 and Montverde Academy 2020 sparks heated discussions among basketball enthusiasts. Sadly for Chino Hills and the Ball brothers, their legacy has been somewhat restrained due to Lonzo Ball’s serious injuries which has caused him to miss a large portion of his NBA career so far.

Monteverde has created a very impacting legacy so far with Cade Cunningham being drafted #1 in the first round of the 2021 NBA draft and his teammates Scottie Barnes being drafted #4 and Moses Moody as #14. This production of future stars coming out of Monteverde has solidified them as one of the best Basketball recruiting high schools in the country and puts them over Chino Hills in the legacy category.

During the actual time of these teams playing, Chino Hills showcased a unique style and unparalleled chemistry. Montverde’s sheer talent and dominance make them a strong contender for the title of the superior team. There is no certain answer in this hypothetical debate but due to the factors that Lamelo Ball was only a freshman while on the 2016 Chino Hills team, it would be expected that the 2020 Monteverdes team would defeat the 2016 Chino Hills team. This debate opens up many other roads of controversy debating whether individual talent beats team chemistry and if a basketball team’s overall finesse and talent can conquer raw athleticism.

In the end, determining the superior high school basketball team between Chino Hills 2016 and Montverde Academy 2020 is a subjective endeavor. Both teams left an enduring legacy, and their stories will continue to be recounted by basketball experts for years to come. Whether it’s the Ball brothers’ chemistry or Montverde’s star-filled lineup, the debate will persist, deciding on the greatness of two unforgettable teams in the history of high school basketball.

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