Sam’s Weather Report

Sam Ey, Weather Editor

Weather of the Week

The beginning of May is receiving April showers, but no May flowers. Most of the week will be rainy and in the mid-50s. If the sun can peek out, we may see low 60s. Friday will be the pick of the week, upper 50s-low 60s, and sunny. Looking ahead to the weekend, above average temps in the upper 60s to low 70s.

What’s Going on in the Weather World?

With the beginning of May, I think it’s prime time to review what to do during an outbreak of severe weather, especially when a tornado or intense thunderstorm strikes your community. The most important thing you should remember is to get indoors and cover yourself. When a severe thunderstorm warning or tornado warning is issued, the best course of action is to make sure you are in a sturdy building (house, store, etc.) and NOT in a car. If you are out driving, pull over to the nearest sturdy structure. If there is no shelter, leave your vehicle and hide in a ditch and cover yourself. Worst case scenario, lower your car’s seat and cover yourself.

Especially in the threat of a tornado, DO NOT park underneath a bridge or underpass. This can help the inflow winds of a tornado, acting as a funnel for the tornado. This can make anything in that funnel a missile. Stay away from windows. Windows can do the same as underpasses which can also cause pressure to change and “explode” the house.

In a hail and wind threat, wind gusts can blow down trees onto property damaging both cars and houses. Hail can also break windows so it’s important to refrain from standing too close to them. This is why for each of the described threats, it’s important that if you are near a house or building to get inside. Once indoors, get underground in a basement or cellar. If there is no option like that, go to the most central and interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building. Again, avoid being near any windows. Get under a heavy object like a bed and hold on.