Sam’s Weather Report

Sam Ey, Weather Reporter

Weather of the Week

What will feel like a mild summer week is indeed in stock for the week of the 10th. Monday was the coldest at 66 degrees and the last night of cold (as of now), was 37. Tuesday and Wednesday approaching mid to upper 70s. Thursday and Friday are in the mid-’80s, with Friday having *some* potential to hit the low 90s. No rain in the forecast, just a warm and dry week in April.

What’s Going on in the Weather World?

Nothing. Literally. After the multiple tornado outbreaks in Arkansas, Mississippi, Iowa, etc. we are finally in an ‘outbreak drought’. Nice weather forecast throughout the lower 48, with some rain in the midwest. 8-14 day forecasts for temperature show above average temps stay on the eastern side of the US for at least the next 2 weeks. Colder the west you go as you can see in the map below.