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Sams Weather Report

Sam Ey, Weather Reporter

Weather of The Week

We continue with the warmth throughout the week, with highs in the low to mid-50s. A chance of rain Tuesday and Friday but nothing major. Just an average spring week (it appears) here in the valley.

What’s Going on in the Weather World?

A very deadly tornado outbreak/sequence is underway as of writing this article (3/26). Late Friday (3/24) night, at least three intense, violent tornadoes from the same cell traveled across Mississippi into Alabama. One of which may be a contender for the elusive EF-5, which have winds of 201+ mph. Radar was showing winds of 250-270 mph winds 500 ft. above the surface. If confirmed as an EF-5, it will be the first one in almost 10 years in the US (May 20, 2013). It all depends on the damage and construction of the buildings it struck. Unfortunately, at least 26 people have died from these tornadoes according to MS Emergency Management. Earlier this morning, a strong tornado struck at least 2 towns with 1st responders over scanners reporting, “Houses completely leveled.” This came at a bad time as people were likely sleeping when it hit, around 7 am. In all so far, over a dozen tornadoes have struck the deep south with more expected.