Holiday Air and Sprinkles of Kindness

Ava Connors, Staff Writer

When the snowflakes start falling down to the ground and you see happy children with joy all around

When there’s a gingerbread house scent that flows through the air and people can laugh without a care

Wrapping paper and tape flood the floor and people always want to give more

The holiday traffic stops you midday and you can’t wait to spend time with your family

Children’s magic of believing fills your soul and makes you never want to grow old

The minty peppermint candies are everywhere stacked and you want to find a way to give back

You can donate toys to Toys For Tots and to many families that would mean a lot

So on crisp December day, if you need something to do, think about the joy the holidays give to you
Look at all of the families you see in your town and think about donating some toys all around

Even though it may seem like it’s not much to do, it makes a difference when you make one child less blue.