Dear America: You need to grow up and forgive

Gabriella Maynard, Contributor

Dear America,

I feel like there have been some issues lately that I think we should resolve peacefully. Since the end of September up until now, there has been a lot of tension in our country. I am referring to the disagreement and opinions revolving around politics and the president. Even before the voting was over for who would be the next president, people were already getting upset with each other. If you were not voting for the same person, you became the enemy. People were very loud and open as to who they were voting for. They showed their pride by hanging flags and wearing apparel in favor of their candidate. After the election, people who were not satisfied with the outcome began to have marches and were angry with their neighbors and colleagues. On the other side, people who were happy with the outcome would boast and rejoice with their like-minded friends. People from the side that lost believe that it was a scam and mistake; they wanted a recount of the votes. This along with people from both sides not giving up their pride and coming together to welcome the new president in, began an outbreak of arguing. The most recent event being on January sixth was a historical first and one that everyone will remember. The supporters of the losing side heard from their leader to go and demand justice, they went and breached the capital. This act was defiant of the law and extremely childlike. This gave the other side more of a reason to not join together and unite. In history, there has never been so much tension around a new leader coming into power. I believe that this act caused more of a rift between the two sides, and this is not what we need. We need unification and acceptance as the inauguration day is creeping up. So America, I ask you to grow up, leave your pride at home, and express forgiveness to your enemy for a hope of a better tomorrow.


Gabriella Maynard