Dear America: Why do you treat people of color differently?

Lillian Grono, Contributor

Dear America,

We are better than this. So much has happened in 2020 this past year. I think many people have had their eyes opened to what is happening and the injustice in our country. Our system is broken. Lots of events that have taken place recently have been an eye opener for me. When people were peacefully protesting there was police that filled the streets and the stairs in front of a capitol building. When people were storming into the capitol there were not many guards there to stop it. Trump staffs the people who work for the capitol building and for the Black Lives Matter rallies he staffed so many people but then for this he didn’t. Then the question: “Do you think it would have been different if the people who stormed the capitol were of color?” It’s a big issue to some people. The people who are offended by this question and don’t think it would have been different are the problem. Considering police were tear gassing BLM protesters on the street who were speaking out for people of color, you would think that they would do the same or more for the people breaking into the US capitol building just because they don’t like that there will be a new president. But some of the guards didn’t have the same reactions to this event. Peter Nickeas from CNN News states “there are investigations going on for the guard at the Capitol and some have already been suspended due to actions they took that day for their alleged role in the riots. One of them took a selfie with the rioters and another one put on a make America great again hat.” How does this happen? How is this okay? We must do better. These are people who are supposed to be protecting the citizens of our country and they are participating in this riot. It’s disgusting seeing how different the two situations were handled. We are seeing this injustice happening and it needs to end.




Lillian Grono