Dear America: Why is that people sworn to protect hurt people of color because of their skin color?

Tyler  Gragowski, Contributor

Dear America,

What is wrong with you? All of your life, you’ve preached that equality is the number one priority, and everyone is equal, yet racism has played a part in your whole existence. Ever since you were born racism has been tied to you, attached to your hip. It might even be a part of your genes. There was a literal war to stop slavery, but there is still racism today. No, there aren’t slaves anymore, but racism still exists to this day in the form of verbal and physical abuse, even murder. People say things to certain races to put them down, or they actually physically hurt them. An example of this is events that occurred very recently with the killing of George Floyd and many others. He told the officer that he couldn’t breathe when the officer was kneeling on his neck, and he didn’t stop. This killing caused outrage. It started a whole movement. He isn’t the only one that was a victim to this thing known as police brutality. There are many others across the United States that don’t get the attention that they deserve.  People of all races united to fight against this evil of police brutality. How is it that the people who are supposed to protect us from danger are hurting African Americans for no apparent reason other than their skin color? You need to change, America. Who knows what will happen if we keep going down this path. Practice what you preach.


Tyler Gragowski