Dear America: You need to be the bigger person

Patrick Boland, Contributor

Dear America,

I need you to listen, we all need you to listen. Get rid of the hate going around and spread kindness. Take accountability for the bad things you’ve done and make them right. Spend time with people who leave a good impression on you. Don’t hang around with people who do sketchy things and get into trouble. Don’t hang around people who are gonna hurt you in the long run. Don’t hang out with people who are mean, and put other people down. Be the bigger person and apologize if you think you did something wrong. Spread kindness, not hate. You should lift people up. Don’t put people down for their skin color, looks, smarts, wealth or religion. Let people do what makes them happy, and don’t be selfish to people who want to be happy, but what they’re gonna do is gonna make you unhappy. Feelings are temporary, they don’t last forever unless you want them to. Move on, because the past is in the past for a reason. If you see someone you don’t really get along with, just avoid them, don’t make fun of them or fight them, that’s not gonna solve anything. It will get you in trouble and they might get away with it because you started it. We all know the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover,” so don’t judge a person by what they look like. They could become your best friend or even a close companion. They could even be your future husband or wife. You never know what is coming your way in life. Everyone’s alive for a reason so find that reason and thrive on it. Be the best person you can and work hard everyday on being the best you. The more you work on yourself the more others will want to be around you because they look up to you. Never set your goal to be average or perfection. Set your goal to a point you can reach with just your fingertips so you can pull yourself up. That is the best you can do, don’t reach for perfection because no one is perfect. You will go crazy over perfection just do and be the best you can.




Patrick Boland